Watch: Philips LED Lighting at Carrefour

Watch: Philips LED Lighting at Carrefour

Where are the discounts? Carrefour’s LED supermarket lighting from Philips is guiding customers.

Carrefour installed a Philips connected lighting system with an LED-based indoor positioning system when it renovated its hypermarket in the Euralille mall in Lille – one of the top ten shopping malls in Europe – in 2015. The system allows customers to find products on promotion throughout the store using a specially designed smartphone app.

Because of its energy efficiency, the LED-based system was a natural fit for Carrefour, which is committed to sustainability. The company has announced its intention to reduce overall energy consumption by 30% and CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020. The Philips systems helps with this goal, reducing energy consumption by 50% over the previous system.

Philips connected lighting acts like an indoor GPS, transmitting location information to an app which triggers location-based services.

The LED-based indoor positioning technology is easy to scale, accurate to a sub-meter, does not require additional hardware investments besides the light fixtures themselves and offers 50% energy savings.

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