Watch: Schnabl Pipe Installations

Watch: Schnabl Pipe Installations

Used with other Schnabl products, pipe installation is made easy thanks to the Euro-Clip.

Schnabl’s Euro-Clip can be aligned by sliding across the entire width of the clip (with ESD, EKP or EDV) and removed again by simply breaking it off without causing any damage.

Even with different pipe diameter dimensions, the Schnabl EC clamps can be linked together through aligning them on their long sides and then clicking them together. If a pipe is mounted at a high temperature or with a heavy weight the usage of the UVB Universal Clamping Bracket should be considered.

The EC Euro-Clip can be positioned by pushing it over the entire clip width (with ESD Euro-fastening anchor, ESP Euro shooting plate, EDV Euro twist- on connection or ESV Euro connector lock) and removed again simply by being snapped off. The functional stacking system means several EC Euro-Clips in different sizes can be clipped together.

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