Watch: Schnabl Solutions

Watch: Schnabl Solutions

Schnabl offers a range of clips and fastening elements for plasterboard both inside and outside.

For assembly in plasterboard partition walls, buried clamps are used alongside the Schnabl C-Fix clip. The C-Fix clip is ideal for assembly in plasterboard partition walls. The conduit is inserted into the CF, the CF is driven in using a hammer and the cable installed.

When using the C-Fix product for percussion assembly, just quick top with the hammer is enough to fix the hose into the plasterboard โ€“ quick, safe and stable. When using the board anchor on external walls, hammer it in first, then twist. The highest torque forces then guarantees a firm hold.

With C-Fix, conduits can be mounted to dry walls easily without drilling. The unique shape ensures a firm grip and leaves the outer wall undamaged.

The SBA Schnabl-drill stop is Ideal for mounting in dry wall: the SBA reliably prevents the dry wall from being drilled through. With the SBA Schnabl-drill stop you can easily set the drill depth.

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