Watch: Starrett Laser Distance Meter

Watch: Starrett Laser Distance Meter

The Starrett Laser Distance Meter (KLMS-30) allows you to add or subtract measurements, record area measurements and much more.

With a measurement range of 30m + 10m = 40m starting from 5cm, the Starrett Laser Distance Meter features state of the art technology. Easily measure hard to access areas, like high walls and ceilings without needing a ladder and don’t worry about the calculating measurements, the Laser Distance Meter does the math for you.

The KLMS-30 uses a red laser beam to determine the distances to be measured. This method improves accuracy and reliability over ultrasonic based meters.

Check out the video below to see how it works.

Measurement units include:

  • Metric
  • Feet
  • Inches
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