Watch: THORNeco Short Bios

Watch: THORNeco Short Bios

Earlier this month we introduced you to the THORNeco family. Below we feature short video bios of Alice, Amy, Eve and Julie.

For protected outdoor area applications, the Alice floodlight features a sleek and compact, yet robust design in four different sizes and levels of brightness.

The highly efficient Amy LED downlight is claimed to deliver amazing energy savings of 80% when compared to fluorescent lamps and provides an even light distribution without any shadowy areas.

Stylish recessed LED luminaire Eve is the ideal choice for office applications, providing gentle, soft and glare free light with maximum efficiency and a UGR (Unified Glare Rating) of less than 19.

The highly efficient Julie wet room light is claimed to offer energy savings of 60% when compared to T26 fluorescent lamps.

Look out for Lara, Monty, Tom and Zoe videos next week.

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