Watch: Vortice Heat Recovery Units

Watch: Vortice Heat Recovery Units

Vortice HR 350 Avel is a heat recovery unit for residential use, featuring high heat exchange efficiency, low power consumption and compact size.

These Vortice appliances are controlled by a hi-tech electronic management system and equipped with fan units that utilise EC brushless motors. A heat exchanger is fitted inside to guarantee heat exchange efficiency levels >85%. The appliance is equipped with an automatic by-pass function and integrated antifreeze protection.

The appliance must be wired to the power supply by way of a multi-pole isolating switch with a gap of at least 3mm between contacts.

Key Features

  • Fresh air is 100% fully filtered even in bypass mode which helps to maintain good indoor air quality
  • Centralised mechanical extract unit with heat recovery
  • Quiet Operation
  • Products Characteristics Database Listed (PCDB)
  • Filters included (Neti= 1 x G4 + 1 x M5, Avel= 2 x G3)
  • Summer Bypass and Frost Protection
  • Neti Kitchen + 5 wet rooms
  • Avel Kitchen + 7 wet rooms
  • Removable hinged door for easy maintenance
  • Wired electronic controller with LCD panel which displays unit status
  • IPX2 Rated
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