Wiha expands product range with new PocketMax® screwdrivers

Wiha expands product range with new PocketMax® screwdrivers

Multitool fastening tools are very popular among professionals, especially for mobile assignments as they allow them to carry only one tool instead of several individual screwdrivers. Hand tool manufacturer Wiha is now expanding its product range with the new PocketMax® screwdrivers with bit depot in the electric and magnetic versions.

With their compact small size and light weight, the new everyday helpers fit into every shirt or trouser pocket and can be flexibly used for many fastening and application situations. If something needs fastening while you are high on a ladder, all you have to do is simply reach into your shirt or trouser pocket.

Safely tucked away in the screwdriver handle, the bit depot includes either eight popular standard bits 1/4″ C 6.3 in the magnetic version or four slimBits in the insulated electric version for professional electricians. Thanks to the magnetic opening and shut function, the bit depot can very easily be opened, clearly presenting the bits for withdrawal. During closing, the bit depot easily glides back into the shaft and closes again by itself. The twistable cap allows convenient handling during the tightening process.

The insulated electric variation guarantees maximum safety, as the included slimBits are certified according to the international standard IEC 60900, individually tested at 10,000 V AC and approved up to 1,000 V AC. The slender, 75mm slimBits ensure perfect access to low-lying screws or spring clips thanks to protective insulation fully integrated into bits in the front section.

Therefore, in the future, it won’t just be smartphones, voltage testers or pencils that peek out from shirt pockets – the PocketMax® screwdrivers will also join the club!

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