Product Test: Marshall-Tufflex Fast-Coupling Wire Basket System

Product Test: Marshall-Tufflex Fast-Coupling Wire Basket System

Ronny Wendlandt of RW Electrical Installation gets to grips with the Fast-Coupling wire basket system from Marshall-Tufflex.

We’ve all taken that call before: a client requiring an installation or modification within an industrial or commercial space, which upon an in-person visit to the actual site presents a much bigger challenge than the one you had originally imagined.

If you’re like me, the first questions you’ll be asking are ‘where do I start?’, ‘what do I use?’, ‘how many cables are required?’ and, most importantly, ‘how can I make the job look both professional and tidy?’

In many cases cable tray or wire basket will be the solution that I will turn to for my cable containment requirements, so I was very grateful to Marshall-Tufflex for supplying me with some of its Fast-Coupling Wire Basket for use on a recent job.

One of the things that attracted me to the product originally was the claims of how easy it is to fit and connect, as previous products I’ve worked with have proved very time-consuming, costing us valuable time on-site. No such problems here though, as the Fast-Coupling system was so straightforward to use, while offering a strong, rugged and lightweight solution.

For my installation I used 200mm x 65mm basket for the main horizontal runs, as well as 100mm x 65mm and 60mm x 60mm for the vertical runs, which support a variety of lengths and weights of SWA cabling. Because of the new Fast-Coupling system, I was able to easily and effortlessly join the various lengths together with no issues. One of the great features of this is that you don’t require any tools as the push-fit couplers are integral to the wire basket system. For this particular job we installed the wire basket on a strut system, secured with the spring clip or via the support plate.

Although straight runs don’t often pose too many problems, it’s the times when the installation needs to go around corners that can prove troublesome for electricians. The Fast-Coupling system makes simple work of this particular task, with the process of joining large baskets to smaller baskets made infinitely easier through the use of various accessories, such as basket connector brackets, bend connector bolts and multi-union joints. Marshall-Tufflex’s nicely laid out catalogue also provides further guidance and instructions on this.

The Fast-Coupling wire basket is presented in a 3m length and, using the cutting tool provided from the accessories section, you can make easy work of cutting the basket to the required length. I found this to be a very useful tool as it provides a nice clean cut with no excessive mess. Again, a handy guide is provided within the catalogue which offers detailed information on how and where to cut.

Another nice touch within the system is the use of safety edges, which help to prevent any personal injury to the user as well as potential cable damage. I was also impressed at how flexible the product proved to be, without compromising on its overall strength.

It’s safe to say that having had the chance to fit the Marshall-Tufflex Fast-Coupling wire basket system on a real-life job, my opinion of the product is a very positive one. Clearly a lot of thought and time has gone into producing a solution that has been designed with end-user installers in mind, offering quick installation with minimal effort and worry.

Once fitted, it offers a safe, strong and rigged containment solution, supported by a tranche of accessories, guides and diagrams to further help you with its use.

Overall I’d not think twice about using the Fast-Coupling system on future jobs and would recommend that other installers do the same. When I also factor in the excellent customer service on offer from Marshall-Tufflex throughout the whole process it has to be a 10 out of 10 from me!

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