XPander – trusted, speedy and flexible

XPander – trusted, speedy and flexible

These are just some of the reasons why our partner SAFE Services have been using wireless XPander in numerous sites across their home country of Scotland.

SAFE Services specialise in Fire & Security System Integration, offering the highest standard of service from initial consultation and design, to installation and maintenance. They are a huge advocate for wireless fire systems, and here we will share some of the reasons why…

Wireless offering the best protection for an Asbestos risk site

The end user faced a problem- their large warehouse was covered with very old asbestos ceiling tiles but demanded a reliable fire detection system. Previous contractors had used the old sprinkler system pipe work and existing metal trunking for cabling, but this was not a compliant solution.

XPander saved many hours of labour and cable. SAFE were able to install 3 loop interfaces and fixed the XPander bases to the ceiling grid without touching the hazardous tiles.

The end user was delighted with the solution, meaning their building is now fully compliant with regulations.

This site was mainly a hard-wired system, but XPander is a great option for areas that are not possible or very difficult to cable without the need to install a fully wireless system.

Other recent XPander projects from SAFE include:

The General Store

This was a new shop that did not want to see any cables, but they couldn’t hide them as they had a flat roof and new ceiling voids. XPander was used due to the minimal wiring involved.

Rugby Club

Cabling would have been difficult, and the end user wanted minimal mess and minimal time on site due to Covid-19, so XPander was quickly installed.

Housing Association

This site had a separate outhouse to a Sheltered Housing Building and the only way to get fire detection would have been to install a duct underground. However, XPander was added to the hard-wired system via a loop interface, saving lots of time and effort.

Private Estate House

Cabling was not an option for the detection in this heritage building, and the end user wanted an LD2 system. XPander covered 4 floors with the loop interface units in riser cupboards that ran from top to bottom.


Large Private Estate Building under major alteration works

The end user needed a temporary fire alarm system; however, the top floor had a temporary roof formed by scaffolding and cables were not ideal. So, a loop interface and two XPander detectors were installed to protect the area. The Project Manager was very happy with this suggestion as cables could have been a potential hazard to the site workers whilst working on the scaffold.


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