Ask Ovia: what makes the Inceptor Milli downlight easy to install?

Ask Ovia: what makes the Inceptor Milli downlight easy to install?

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Q. What makes your products (or one product in particular) easy to install?

The timing of this question is spot on as we’ve just launched our next tranche of luminaires, and among them is the Inceptor Milli.

Inceptor Milli is a dimmable, fixed, fire-rated LED downlight aimed at the domestic market. It’s compact in design but packed full of features, providing installers with a downlight that is quick and easy to fit.

IP65-rated, Milli is available as a standard/fixed or baffle version. With a broad cut-out range of 64 mm to 75 mm, the fitting can be installed in a wide range of existing ceiling downlight cut-outs. The fittings are supplied pre-wired with a Fast-Fit, 3-Pole & Loop Flow connector, and a loose push-fit Flow connector is also supplied in the box which ensures a quick and easy installation process.

A key feature is the control that is offered in this one fitting. There’s the option to switch between 6.4 W and 4 W power outputs using a single switch, offering users control over their lighting environments. There’s also the ability to easily switch the colour temperatures between 2700K (Warm White), 4000K (Cool White) and 6500K (Daylight).

One feature that sets Milli apart is the rotatable insulation cover which allows you to install the downlights safely under insulation, but also to adjust the cover, allowing for 5 mm extra clearance.

On the standard/fixed Milli downlight the insulation cover can be twisted to the up and down position and still fit in a 60 mm void. The baffle version fits in a 60 mm void when the insulation cover is down and the plasterboard is a minimum thickness of 12.5 cm.

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