Codebreakers #74

Codebreakers #74

Need help with cracking those EICR codes? The technical team at NAPIT, with the help of the 18th Edition Codebreakers publication, answer your latest coding queries. Click on the photos for a closer look!


Part of the changes that were introduced under BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 were the changes in the Schedule of Inspections for Distributor or Supplier’s equipment. This (under item 1.0) relates to any inadequacies that were encountered and the inspector must inform the Client, Duty Holder or the person ordering the work of the issues found.

This change was brought to allow EICRs to be issued as Satisfactory where only observations found in the parts of the electrical installation where the inspector has no control or responsibility such as the Distributor or Supplier’s equipment. This is where the outcome of any observations in section 1.1 would be noted with an X.

Unfortunately, with this image there are exposed live parts where the meter tails from the service cut-out fuse to the meter have not been suitably protected due to the lack of a cover to prevent contact with the Line or Neutral supply terminations.

The large hole on the right hand side of the enclosure, should the cover be in place, would also allow access to the live parts.

This is an area where the Client, Duty Holder or the person ordering the works would require immediate notification to allow the dangerous situation to be rectified.

In these circumstances, it would have been appropriate to cease the inspection and testing of the installation due to the dangers to the inspection team, unless the danger was removed.

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