Codebreakers #75

Codebreakers #75

Need help with cracking those EICR codes? The technical team at NAPIT, with the help of the 18th Edition Codebreakers publication, answer your latest coding queries. Click on the photos for a closer look!


During an EICR there are often several observations that almost defy belief that such blatant disregard for basic electrical safety has been shown on items that have been installed and certificated on a regular basis.

Pic 1 has the usual missing blanks which can allow access to live parts, which is further compounded by the introduction of non-compatible protective devices.

Pic 2 has a CU with a main switch which has been subject to thermal damage on the incoming neutral conductor. This may be a case of a loose connection, overloading or potential J diverted neutral current. Additionally, the T&E cable installed through the live busbar and also in contact with the neutral terminal block in the consumer unit.

In Pic 3 we have a cartridge fuse style CU with a missing cover which allows access to live parts. Thereโ€™s also the addition of an RCD mounted external to the consumer unit on the block work without an appropriate enclosure. This also has exposed live parts.

Pic 4 would appear to be a service cut-out fuse with a solid copper core bridging the fuse holder contacts โ€“ this offers no overcurrent or fault protection. Although the service cut-out fuse isnโ€™t part of the inspection process of an EICR, this shows that reliance on what is stated on the fuse holder regarding the rating of the fuse and whether it may not be what is actually installed.

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