Enlitened: LinearPac Surpasses Competition in Lumens & Energy Savings

Enlitened: LinearPac Surpasses Competition in Lumens & Energy Savings

How do you guarantee a future-proof, cost-effective solution for numerous applications without sacrificing on quality or light output?

Jeff Richardson, Aurora’s Director of Trade, focuses on how Enlite’s new LED LinearPac is the best option to cover all bases…

A business needs every advantage in today’s competitive climate and it’s essential that basic day-to-day running costs should be manageable. One solution to this is to invest wisely early on and another is to upgrade to something you know can help decrease overhead costs.

The new IP65 LinearPac LED anti-corrosive has been upgraded to a market leading 120lm/W, twin fi tting light output from a single body sized luminaire, providing up to 50% energy savings when compared to traditional fluorescents.

A highly efficient solution for both interior and exterior applications, it is designed for car parks, service areas, warehouses or retail environments. With a wide range of wattages, each offering emergency, microwave, and non dimmable versions, there is a high lumen option for every situation.

Durable, Long-lasting Lighting

In harsher environments which need consistent illumination, it is important you can trust that your fittings won’t fail. Safety and high lumen output is a priority in warehouses and car parks and so Enlite’s LinearPac is the clear solution. With its

IP65 rating, the anti-corrosive LinearPac can withstand tougher conditions. Not only that, its lifespan is 30,000 hours, so you know that once fitted it won’t need regular maintenance.

It also has an IK08 impact resistance rating, which means that if there is any contact made, there’s little risk of damage. The Emergency version also gives peace of mind if there’s a temporary power failure, as you can be sure the luminaire will still provide light until power is restored.

Energy Efficiency & Sensors

LED has quickly begun to replace fl uorescent lighting due to the huge difference in power consumption and lumens per watt. In comparison to traditional equivalents, the LinearPac will give you significant savings on energy costs.

A company’s carbon footprint is a big concern in today’s world and one of the easiest ways to minimise this burden is to upgrade to a solution which can house sensors. You have the option to integrate a microwave sensor that allows you to turn the lighting off or on depending on motion and ambient lux levels. It also recognises new objects in an environment, and will accordingly turn off and on with a 5 second to 15 minute hold time. These options are adjustable too, so you can pick what suits your application.

… And for its final trick – ‘Make Smart’

The LinearPac is compatible with the Smart Aurora AOne control system. The simple addition of the AOne Smart Hub and the AOne On/Off Relay allows you to schedule and time your lighting. You can then use the app on multiple devices so, with permission, your staff can control the lighting on or off premises as required.

This smart feature, which can be installed on all new and existing installations, adds lighting management, cost savings, reliability and operational efficiency.

For more information, visit: www.enlitelighting.com

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