Made 2 Measure: Industrial testing work and motors

Made 2 Measure: Industrial testing work and motors

The Megger team answer your questions about motors.

You ask:

I’ve recently started doing some industrial testing work. I can manage pretty well with my existing test kit, but motors are a bit of a problem as I have to use several different instruments to test them properly. Is there an easier way?

We answer:

You’ll be pleased to know that there’s now a very convenient solution to this common problem: the new Megger MTR105 all-in-one tester for low-voltage motors. It’s a compact but very robust hand-held instrument that does insulation resistance, PI and DAR tests at up to 1,000V. The test voltages are stabilised, temperature compensation is automatic and there’s a guard terminal to minimise the effects of surface leakage. The MTR105 also does four-wire low resistance testing, as well as offering capacitance, inductance and temperature measurement, plus phase rotation and diode checking features. In short, it can handle every routine test you need when you’re working with motors – and you’ll find it’s also useful for a wide range of other jobs. It’s even got an internal memory that stores up to 256 test results, so you won’t have to fiddle about with paper and pen while you’re working on site, and a CAT III 600V safety rating. If you’re working on industrial systems regularly, you’ll find an MTR105 saves you a lot of time and trouble!

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