Made 2 Measure: Making tests at socket outlets

Made 2 Measure: Making tests at socket outlets

The Megger team answer your questions about accessing terminals.

You ask: When I’m testing installations, making tests at socket outlets is a pain. Removing the socket from the wall to access the terminals is time consuming and often damages the room decoration. I could make a test lead out of a plug and a bit of cable, but this doesn’t seem particularly safe. Is there a better way?

We say: There certainly is – and it’s called a socket interface adaptor. It’s actually similar to your idea for a homemade test lead, but it’s been designed with safety in mind. Megger’s version, the SIA10, consists of a moulded-on plug and a short length of cable terminated with safe, fully insulated 4mm test plugs. The 4mm plugs are all colour coded. It’s a big time saver, especially in applications where the sockets are in awkward locations, and so are difficult to remove to gain access to the wiring.

Another big benefit is that if you should accidentally leave the adaptor plugged in when you’ve finished your tests, there are no exposed live parts, so there’s no danger to your customers or their children. You can use the SIA10 for all of the tests you would normally carry out at a socket outlet, including phase-to-earth and phase-to-neutral loop impedance testing. It certainly cuts out a lot of hassle!

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