Made 2 Measure: Sizing cables and calculating voltage drops

Made 2 Measure: Sizing cables and calculating voltage drops

The Megger team answer your questions about size cables and voltage drops.

You ask: I often need to size cables and calculate voltage drops when I’m working on-site, sometimes in places where I don’t have internet access. Is there an easy way to do this, bearing in mind that from time-to-time I use large or special types of cables such as fireproof?

We say: You’re in luck! Megger has just released Version 3.0 of its popular CableCalc+ App, and it’s available free of charge for both Apple and Android devices. It’s good for installations up to 25 kW and currents up to 100A, and it covers a wide range of cable types, including SWA 2-, 3- and 4-core XLPE and PVC, light- and heavy-duty MICC, and tri-rated. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the App, it works without an internet connection – all you have to do is to enter the cable type, reference method, maximum load and cable length.

CableCalc+ will then instantly show the voltage drop and the minimum cable size for the circuit. Just to be sure, however, you should always check the results against the cable manufacturer’s data and current regulations. As a bonus, the CableCalc+ App also includes a handy guide to the use of electrical test instruments and links to instructional videos that you can watch when you have an internet connection.


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