Made 2 Measure: what equipment do I need to test solar PV systems? | Megger

Made 2 Measure: what equipment do I need to test solar PV systems? | Megger

The technical team at Megger answer another test equipment related query.

YOU ASK: I’ve just won a new contract that involves working on solar PV systems – both large and small. What are your suggestions for the test equipment I’m likely to need?


Large solar PV arrays can produce voltages of 1,500V DC or more, so it’s essential to buy test equipment that’s been designed to handle these high voltages safely. A good choice would be the new DCM1500S solar PV clampmeter from Megger, which measures DC voltage up to 2,000V, AC voltage up to 1,500V and AC or DC current up to 1,500A. It also checks continuity and measures resistance, frequency, capacitance and temperature.

Another important feature is Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you capture your results on smart devices using the free Megger Link App. That means you can produce reports quickly and easily, with no risk of making transcription errors. There are also smart data hold, min/max hold functions, as well as facilities for measuring inrush current. The versatile DCM1500S has a CAT III 1,000V/CAT IV 600V safety rating and is supplied complete with standard test leads, a PHV1 lead to connect straight to the panels, a PHV2 4mm connector lead, a thermocouple probe and a hard carrying case.

We think you’ll find it’s just what you need for your new contract!

View the DCM1500S technical data sheet by clicking here

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