NAPIT Codebreakers #5

NAPIT Codebreakers #5

Need help with cracking those EICR codes?

The technical team at NAPIT, with the help of the brand new 18th Edition Codebreakers publication, answer your latest coding queries.

Danny Harmsworth: Here we have a cable going into a transformer showing the inner cable with the cpc bound and wrapped/tied around the outer pvc sheath of the cable. I have no words!

This is a pretty common occurrence in loft spaces and other voids. Sadly, it illustrates an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ philosophy that can have serious implications when things go wrong.

The supply cable doesn’t appear to be adequately supported, which can cause strain on the terminations.

Basic insulation is not taken into an enclosure here, that also seems to have mechanical and crush damage from contact between the wall and terminal cover.

The cpc must be adequately terminated, even if it’s not being used. Twisting the cpc around the outer sheath of the cable is not considered to be an adequate termination.




Geoff Edwards: How to wire an RCD into an old circuit board? SWA cable is feeding the top of the RCD with duct tape around the top. You have to give the owner a point for ingenuity at least!

Well, I’m afraid any ingenuity points would be offset against all the safety issues associated with this modification! It’s not acceptable to modify a manufacturer’s device in this way.

Not only has the CU been modified to fit the RCD, but the donor RCD is also of a different make and has been similarly modified.

The supplying SWA cable is not correctly terminated and glanded and the tape applied to the connection is not acceptable. The terminations here would not be considered to have been taken inside an enclosure.

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