The Training Ground: what are the current projects TESP is working on and how can i get involved?

The Training Ground: what are the current projects TESP is working on and how can i get involved?

I have heard about some of the projects TESP works on, but what are their main priorities currently and how can I get involved in the issues that get addressed?

TESP’s overall mission is to ensure a robust, high-quality training, qualifications and competence framework is in place for the industry and its workforce. To achieve this, our projects are all connected to promoting sector careers and progression, upholding and improving industry standards and building a picture of future skills needs.

This year our work continues on the Installation Electrician apprenticeship review. Subject to government approval, the plan is for the revised and updated apprenticeship to be available for registrations for September 2023. The Experienced Worker Assessment (EWA) will be revised to align with the apprenticeship, and a new Domestic Electrician EWA will also be launching.

There’ll be a big push on supporting full-time learners to gain experience and become fully qualified in line with strengthened EAS requirements. We’ll be looking to encourage employers to offer apprenticeships or work experience – so look out for this as it’s a campaign that needs as much industry support as possible.

We’ll also be doing more on our Rogue Trainers campaign – sadly in this current climate there are even more stories of people being ripped off by unscrupulous training providers. We’ll be asking the industry to step up, flag bad practice to their local communities and support TESP on spreading this message.

As always, we welcome input from right across the industry to help inform our work. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved in TESP’s projects, or have views you’d like to share.

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