The Training Ground: What can you do to ensure your apprentice is ready to take their AM2S? | NET

The Training Ground: What can you do to ensure your apprentice is ready to take their AM2S? | NET

NET regularly speaks to apprentices after their AM2S to explore their experience, performance and how ready they were to take the assessment.

The number who tell us they were pressurised into taking the AM2S without being fully prepared seems to be on the increase. Sending candidates for assessment prematurely can often be due to the training provider wishing to get the apprenticeship programme completed. However, taking the assessment before the apprentice is ready invariably leads them to fail, as they have neither the confidence nor competence to complete all the sections successfully.

So, what can you do to ensure this doesn’t happen to you and your apprentice?

The AM2S Checklist stipulates exactly the range of activities that should have been completed by the apprentice prior to the assessment. It must be signed by the candidate, training provider and employer to declare they have the required level of knowledge and practical skills in these areas before an assessment can be booked. The importance of this checklist must not be underestimated – it is not a box ticking exercise. If the training provider asks you to ‘just sign this’ – please take a closer look. You need to review each section’s content in detail and be honest: do you have the confidence in your apprentice’s ability to complete these tasks to a high standard?

Do they have any additional training needs that need to be addressed?

As an employer, it’s your duty to talk to them and encourage them to speak freely about whether they feel ready for assessment. If they’re not, push it back to your training provider and tell them they need more training and development. Unless the checklist is completed honestly and accurately, the apprentice is ultimately being set up to fail.

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