The Training Ground: what certificates should apprentices get when they complete their AM2S?

The Training Ground: what certificates should apprentices get when they complete their AM2S?

Q. My apprentice has completed his AM2S but I’ve not got the apprenticeship certificate yet. Why is this?

There can often be confusion around which certificates NET issue directly and what is issued by other bodies. When your apprentice passes their AM2S this is the final piece of their apprenticeship training. They will receive two certificates, but only one comes from NET.

The AM2S/End Point Assessment certificate is issued by NET once the learner passes the AM2S and is usually processed within 14 days of the assessment.

For the Apprenticeship Completion certificate, this is issued by a government body – the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). NET requests these certificates once the learner passes the AM2, but we have no control over this process.

The Apprenticeship Completion certificate is a government-issued document and, much like a passport or driving licence, they don’t easily issue certificates or replacements without the proper processes and checks in place.

If any of the apprentice’s personal details have been uploaded incorrectly by your training provider, or if the apprentice has moved house, changed name, or changed employer during their apprenticeship, for instance, there will be delays in receiving the Apprenticeship Completion certificate.

It’s really important that your training provider submits the correct personal details for the apprentice when they register them, so they can be found by the ESFA when it comes to issuing their apprenticeship completion certificate. If there are any discrepancies, these need to be dealt with before the certificate is issued.

NET tries to assist where possible, but as a third party we have no influence or ability to issue the apprenticeship completion certificate. Please talk to your training provider to make sure the learner details are fully up-to-date before they complete the apprenticeship.

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