How To Install Modular Wiring Systems: Step-By-Step

How To Install Modular Wiring Systems: Step-By-Step

Jon Theis, Director of TheisCraft, provides us with a step-by-step installation guide to a new modular wiring system that’s making cabling child’s play.

Cabling is a fundamental part of any building, whether it’s a new build or a refurbishment project and modular wiring systems offer the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way for electrical contractors to connect lighting and power within a facility.

Modular wiring has been on the market for many years now and it is estimated that using a structured cabling system can provide the contractor with an average of 40% savings on the final installed cost as all components arrive on site pre-wired and pre-tested.

TheisCraft has recently developed a system that offers contractors a more versatile and flexible pre-wired cabling system and, by integrating different types of cabling, it’s now possible to maximise the efficiency of the system, for example using modular wiring to connect the supply of light fittings, fan coil units, small power and power sockets and also integrate with a DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) based programmable control system. Modular wiring is also future-proofed, so should the layout of the building change at any time, the system can easily be modified.

So how easy is it to install a modular wiring system? The following steps should give you a good idea:


Fix the iMDB (intelligent Master Distribution Box) to the underside of the cable tray using sprung channel nuts. The six port iMDB includes three ports for lighting and three ports for power.



Plug the Ensto 3 pole XL connector into the power port on the iMDB.


Plug the Ensto 5 pole XL connector into the lighting port on the iMDB.


Fix the Ensto fused spur onto the cable tray.


Plug the Ensto 3 pole XL connector into the supply side of the Ensto fused spur.


Plug the TheisCraft DALI 64 module into the purpose built connection point on the iMDB. This provides the intelligence to the MDB and is usually installed at the commissioning stage by the commissioning engineer.


Switch the fused spur on.


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