Megger launches next-generation certification software

Megger launches next-generation certification software

Developed to provide electrical contractors with certification software that’s fast, easy to use, convenient and versatile, Megger’s new CertSuite package can be used on almost any device – smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – in any location, whether or not internet access is available.

Fully compliant with BS7671 and automatically updated when amendments are issued, CertSuite allows unlimited generation of certificates and provides unlimited storage for certification records.

In addition to a full range of electrical certificates, CertSuite includes certificates for fire detection systems, emergency lighting, PV installations and EV charge points.

Also included are circuit templates that make it easy to create boards, as well as numerous time-saving default options for circuits and for inspection schedule items. Additionally, CertSuite generates observations if Zmax is exceeded, and cross references observations with inspection schedules.

“Our contractor customers tell us time and again how important it is for them to save time on jobs,” said Peter Wade and one of the biggest timesavers is for them to change from manual completion of certificates to a software-based solution. Unfortunately, older certification software can be complicated to use and limited in its capabilities.

CertSuite was developed to solve these problems and provide contractors with a versatile package that will maximise their time savings and, as a result, boost their profitability.”

CertSuite is a cloud-based package and, when an internet connection is available, it continually uploads certification data to secure servers.

When there is no internet connectivity, it stores results on the device until an internet connection becomes available and then automatically synchronises them. Multiple users can access data simultaneously, provided that each has a licence, which is particularly convenient for larger jobs. 

Megger is offering a one-month free trial so that users can see for themselves the benefits offered by CertSuite, after which subscriptions can be paid monthly or annually.

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