PE Launches an ‘Apprentice of the Month’ Competition

PE Launches an ‘Apprentice of the Month’ Competition

New for 2019, PE will be introducing an ‘Apprentice of the Month’ competition, aimed at rewarding those new entrants to the electrical industry who’ve had a particularly productive month.

So how does it work? We want to celebrate the brightest young things in the industry and the great work they do to help electrical businesses.

As such, we’re inviting owners and colleagues from electrical businesses to nominate their apprentice for our monthly award, stating the reasons why they should win it – they may have worked particularly hard that month, done something innovate or exciting for the business, gone above and beyond the call of duty for a customer, or nailed their college/course work.

Each monthly winner will win a brilliant prize pack and will be unveiled on our website, as well as being featured in our monthly printed publication.

If you’d like to nominate your apprentice for this brilliant competition then please send details of the apprentice you’re nominating, a supporting headshot/picture and the reasons why they are ‘Apprentice of the Month’ (250 words max.) to

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