WIN: BoxMate Set of Back Box Covers

WIN: BoxMate Set of Back Box Covers

We have 25 BoxMate sets up for grabs, with each set comprising a bag of 10 single-gang BoxMates and a bag of 10 double-gang BoxMates.

BoxMate is a recent invention designed to address an all too familiar problem for electricians, especially when working on new builds.

You run cables and fix back boxes, leave the cables coiled inside the box, and then leave the site. When you return after plastering for a second fix, you find plaster has found its way into the back box and dried into a solid mass.

You then have to dig the plaster out and clean the box before you can fix the face plate – a waste of skilled time and effort. Sound familiar?

The solution

A temporary cover is able to stop plaster getting in the box. As well as being able to withstand site conditions, the cover also had to be re-usable and easy to fit and remove.

During trials, another requirement became clear; the cover had to be able to accommodate small variations in box sizes.


The BoxMate features tabs to accommodate variation in box heights, and a material that compresses laterally to allow for variations in box widths.

Its central door means it can be easily removed after tapping off any plaster skin. Also, BoxMate can be re-used several times, bringing the cost down to as little as 4p per use.

BoxMate offers protection to cables and, moreover, eliminates unnecessary work and reduces electricians’ time on-site.

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