Win! C.K Golden Shears to be bagged!

Win! C.K Golden Shears to be bagged!

We’ve got two of these great garden tools up for grabs.

Did you know that C.K also offers a great range of quality garden tools available?

What the Combicutters are to wire, the Legend Golden Shears are to your shrubs; taking you from cutting edge, to cutting hedge. Meticulously crafted for over 100 years, they use the same level of professional expertise as you expect from your C.K tools.

The C.K Classic Legend Golden Shears will make light work of a multitude of garden tasks. The strong, wavy edged blades are self-sharpening and, at 230mm in length, give you the leverage and power to snip through twiggy hedges with their thicker harder stems.

Unlike straight-edged hedge shears, the wavy edged blades limit the escape of very woody material and the cutting notch at the base of the blades allows you to cut a thicker twig without having to switch to secateurs.

Having worked hard enough during the week, the fully adjustable blade tension lets you make hedge cutting easier for yourself, and the ergonomically designed lacquered hardwood handles provide comfort. The handles are permanently secured to the blades with barbed tangs and heavy-duty ferrules, with shock absorbing wood and soft rubber buffers to prevent jarring.


Enter your name into the free prize draw to win a pair of C.K Classic Legend Golden Shears by filling out the contact form below. Two winners will then be drawn at random.

Deadline for entries: 10/06/2021. Usual T&Cs apply.

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