WIN: Push-In & Lever Wire Connector Premium Kits From IDEAL Industries EMEA

WIN: Push-In & Lever Wire Connector Premium Kits From IDEAL Industries EMEA

Three fantastic kits to be given away.

The 30-5006 EU kit includes a selection of In-Sure Push-In, In-Sure Lever and the innovative in-line SpliceLine Wire Connectors.

The In-Sure push-in wire connectors provide electricians and contractors with a time-saving, modern and safe alternative to traditional screw-down terminal strips. Suitable for a variety of applications, the durable connectors can reduce wiring time by up to 50 per cent as the simple glide-in wire connection of the In-Sure range makes installation easy. The In-Sure Lever Wire Connectors are a versatile tool-free alternative to traditional connector strips for joining solid, stranded or flexible conductors.

Utilising a combination of push-in and lever clamp technology, the innovative design securely retains both rigid and flexible conductors whilst allowing them to be easily removed if required. When inserting rigid wires there is no need to lift the levers because the conductors simply push straight in, making them much easier and faster to install than both connector strips and similar competitor products. The SpliceLine in-line wire connector is an innovative alternative to traditional butt splices that does not require time-consuming crimping, soldering or heat shrinking to create secure end-to-end connections.


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