Safe-D first with D-Line

Safe-D first with D-Line

The team at D-Line talk to PE about their Safe-D range and their new guide

It is appreciated how the 18th Edition requires that all cable installations are secured by fire-rated cable supports. D-Line were the first company to offer solutions for fixing direct-to-surface or in pvc trunkings, and now the Safe-D range comprises 35x innovative products.

In keeping with D-Line’s commitment to offer both peace-of-mind and labour-savings, the fire-tested Safe-D family now also includes one-piece Conduit Saddles, Armoured Cable Clips, Retro-Clips, and unique Stag Clips that can be first-fixed in a pilot hole before being pushed home – there is no screw or wall plug required, and no need to handle sharp barbs.

For over ten years D-Line have been addressing queries on a daily basis, with the most frequently-asked-questions now summarised in a new Guide that includes a product selector for cables: clips compatibility.

To request Safe-D product samples and a copy of Guide, please visit


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