Caught on Camera 6th July

Caught on Camera 6th July

It’s that time again! Caught on Camera shots from our PE readers. If you have recently made any ‘shocking’ discoveries on a job snap a picture and send them in to us @proelectrician or



Alan Carter: Recently came across a 3 phase distribution board that someone has built a mezzanine floor around (see photo) – the isolator is below the floor level and they left the door off and some blanks out so you can put your hand in and touch all the phases at the same time – very thoughtful!


Alan Sangster: The rule here is to make sure all connections are tight!

Alan Watson: This capture is of the service head where a set of tails go via the meter to the CCU but another smaller cable goes from the head straight to a fuse in the CCU, avoiding the meter.

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