Make Haste, Not Waste

Make Haste, Not Waste

Emma Segelov, Head of Marketing at MK Electric, discusses the latest time-saving additions to the market.

Time isn’t always an electrician’s best friend therefore products that can prevent on-site delays are vital. With this in mind, manufacturers are developing products that can avoid time-consuming hazards and speed up installation.

According to recent statistics, Brits now spend more time at work than any other nation in Europe, clocking in at 42.3 hours per week[i]. This would explain why many professions, including electricians, can feel stressed and overworked.

However, if projects were planned to ensure maximum productivity, shorter working days could be achieved.

Unnecessary delays

No electrician wants to reinstall a product that’s been damaged by an on-site mishap and, further to this, having to wait for a re-ordered part that’s been lost also adds unnecessary delays to a project. As everyone knows, the quicker you can complete the job at hand, the sooner you can move on to the next one.

Fortunately, we’re now starting to see products entering the electrical market that are developed to avoid these common occurrences. With innovations such as clever two-piece product solutions, manufacturers are developing products that can help avoid damage and loss to ensure time on-site is put to best use.

At MK Electric, for example, we launched MK Dimensions, our latest range of screwless wiring devices, with these specific challenges in mind. During the development process we spoke to electricians to find out what obstacles they faced on-site, and what exactly they needed from the wiring devices they install.

During the consultation period, we commonly found that there was a risk of product damage – from knocks, scrapes, paint splatter or plaster abrasion – once the product had been installed on-site. Further to this, loss was also a glaring issue for contractors and this was adding unnecessary pressure to meeting project deadlines.

Modular methods

With this in mind, MK Dimensions was designed to make two-part installation very simple, whilst also ensuring the functional module is compliant with British Standards, without the final frontplate being exposed to potential damage.

This means that whilst the functional module can be installed according to the build schedule, the final frontplate – which can be fitted later in the process (perhaps waiting until just before client handover) – can also be delivered to site at a later stage, avoiding loss and damage. Additionally, this alleviates any issues with indecisive clients, allowing the electrician to cater for any last-minute changes, as the part can be ordered at the final stage of a project – minimising the risk of product damage and loss.

Furthermore, every functional module is supplied with a recyclable, protective cover plate which ensures the module is fully compliant with British Standards. Socket outlets, for example, will therefore be fully operational and can be used as a vital on-site power source. As a result, workers on the building project can continue their work whilst being able to use the functioning socket outlet.

With time being of the essence for electricians, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to re-install a part due to damage or loss. Therefore, by selecting products that alleviate on-site risks, electricians can save time and money, whilst also helping clients to keep their building schedule on track and within budget.

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