MK Electric launches 30W USB A+C Sockets for rapid USB charging

MK Electric launches 30W USB A+C Sockets for rapid USB charging

MK Electric is launching 30W power delivery (PD) USB Type A+C versions of its Logic Plus wiring devices.

The new fast-charging USB ports feature GaN technology and USB PD protocol to provide rapid charging to a wide range of electronic devices, with the capacity to charge mobile phones to 50 percent charge in 30 minutes. The products meet a growing demand for fast and efficient USB charging, while maximising product safety and reliability, conserving space, and supporting quick and easy installation.

Using PD, the charger communicates with connected electronic devices to negotiate charging current/voltage parameters, to optimise charging speed and protect the battery lifetime. Each socket includes double pole switching, a 3mm contact gap and 3-pin “child-resistant” shutter system to ensure user safety.

The launch of the new wiring devices comes as USB-C connections are set to become more commonplace. A March 2023 report from Future Market Insights projected that global sales of USB-C devices would pass 2351.9 million units by the end of the year, spurred on by an impending December 2024 deadline for USB-C to become the universal standard for mobile phone chargers in the European Union.

Although the UK currently has no plans to enforce a similar rule for phone manufacturers, the shift will likely still lead to more USB-C devices in the country. MK Electric’s new 30W USB-C Logic Plus products allow contractors to better serve customers amidst this emerging spike in demand.

Key benefits include:

  • Rapid USB device charging, without occupying socket space: Dedicated USB Type A+C ports deliver high rate of power to connected devices, with an output up to 27W (USB-A) or 30W (USB-C), capable of charging mobile phones to 50 percent charge within 30 minutes.
  • Flexibility in fitting: The sockets fit a standard 25mm backbox, and 30W module sockets come in white or grey finishes.
  • Smart charging: PD protocol ensures that output current and voltage are suited to the requirements of the connected device, ensuring a safe rate of charge and avoiding causing damage or premature ageing to device batteries.

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