Voltage optimisation specialist launches one-million-pound giveaway

Voltage optimisation specialist launches one-million-pound giveaway

Voltage optimisation specialist, Powerdown220, is launching a scheme for companies looking to save on their energy bills. Successful applicants will receive a free voltage optimisation machine and can expect savings on their energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint from day one.

Voltage optimisers reduce the voltage supplied from the National Grid to the optimal level for equipment. This results in savings on energy bills and improved equipment lifespan. Businesses that are looking to invest in this energy-saving solution, but have concerns about the upfront investment, can apply for Powerdown220’s million-pound giveaway, with the successful applicants receiving a voltage optimiser for free.

The offer works on a shared-savings model. As well as providing a voltage optimiser, Powerdown220 will complete every aspect of the project from survey to installation, free of charge. For businesses with high electricity consumption, the energy savings from the voltage optimiser will be substantial. By sharing a proportion of these savings, companies can enjoy voltage optimisation with zero capital expenditure.

The scheme is only available to businesses that consume over 300,000 kWh of electricity on a yearly basis. The only thing required from applicants is the provision of information about their current energy consumption, such as access to a recent bill.

Voltage optimisation is a technology that lowers the incoming voltage from the National Grid to the optimal level for equipment performance. In the UK, average voltage is 240v and without measures in place to reduce this unnecessarily high supply, businesses end up paying for additional voltage. Voltage optimisation not only helps businesses lower their energy bills, but also contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.

‘‘We are delighted to be able to offer this to clients who want to save money and carbon but without the capital cost,’’ said James Goodby, director at Powerdown220. ‘‘Our customers typically achieve energy savings of between seven and twelve per cent, and we are thrilled to have the ability to share these savings with our clients without them facing the financial burden of up-front costs.’’

The scheme is already open to potential applicants and they can find out more by contacting Josh Connolly via josh@powerdown220.com or applying directly using the quick form on the following link: https://bit.ly/3YwKX3C

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