Caught on Camera Exclusives

Caught on Camera Exclusives

In a new series, every other Friday we’ll be sharing two Caught on Camera Exclusives. Check out these shockers below.


Volks Werks: Found this on a call out to a shop. 10.0mm cable from the main switch running a shop and a four-storey building above They had two 10.8kw showers a big range cooker and to big display fridges plus all the lights and sockets running off it.

Inspector Says: Is this what the mean by a floor heating system?

Regulation Referral: Current carrying capacity in App 4.


Echo the Huskey: Probably the worst and most dangerous fusebox arrangement I have seen, and sited under the stairs!

Inspector Says: Whoever installed this must have hoped that it sneaked in “under the wire” but if I saw it, I’d “blow a fuse”.

Regulation Referral: 416.2.1 Live parts shall be inside enclosures or behind barriers.

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