Watch: Lutec SecuryLight

Watch: Lutec SecuryLight

SecuryLight from Lutec provides high levels of safety and security.

This new version of security floodlight from Lutec consists of a 25W LED source, noise-cancelling microphone, five HD element glass lens and an adjustable motion sensor. The noise-cancelling microphone has a 360° sound recording and captures clear voice over a 5-meter radius.

The five-element glass lens captures razor sharp, clear images in consistent 720 high-definition picture quality. While the 180° wide-angle lens covers almost every corner of the room. The detection range of the motion sensor can go up to 20 metres.

With the accompanying app it is easy to program and control all the information received through the products. Using the highest quality LED performance with state-of-the-art security, it provides the user with an effective and interactive security lighting system with excellent communication and practical operation.

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