Caught on Camera November 2017

Caught on Camera November 2017

NICEIC and ELECSA’s technical support team share their thoughts on the latest examples of ‘shocking’ practise, as spotted by you.

INSPECTOR SAYS: Looks like the children installed it!

Submitted by Bruce Fairway

INSPECTOR SAYS: Usain would be ‘guttered’ after seeing this Bolt.

Submitted by Dave Mcglennon

INSPECTOR SAYS: Bet you had to ring around to get this bad connection?

Submitted by John Dearden

INSPECTOR SAYS: This looks like a cowboy’s spur?

 Submitted by Martyn Gavan

INSPECTOR SAYS: Is that what they mean by a ‘power shower’?

Submitted by Steve Thomas

INSPECTOR SAYS: The enclosure is upright, it’s the tree that’s at an angle!

Submitted by Chris Boyles
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