Niglon | ‘Hot 100’ Industrial Plugs & Sockets

Niglon | ‘Hot 100’ Industrial Plugs & Sockets

Niglon’s extensive range of industrial plugs and sockets are designed to offer installers a wealth of choice to suit any environment.

The Niglon industrial wiring accessories range includes a full portfolio of inline plugs and sockets, offering the end user total flexibility for easy connection of equipment when and where required. The inline range starts at 16A, which is available in 110/240/415V rated versions, with variations all the way up to the largest 125A/415V offering.

The industrial plugs and sockets range also includes a selection of wall-mounted industrial plugs and these are also provided in a full range of ratings from 16A/110V to 63A/415V. Niglon’s range of wall-mounted sockets are available up to 125A/415V.

For installations where additional safety is essential, the company offers a range of 25 wall-mounted interlocking switched sockets. These quality-assured products include additional safety features, such as isolation of the socket until the plug is inserted.

The range also includes models with ingress protection against dust and moisture with ratings of up to IP67, ensuring the products can be trusted in even the most demanding locations.

Fully-compliant to the latest internationally recognised standards, including IEC60309, all Niglon’s range of industrial plugs and sockets are manufactured within the EU to the very highest standards.

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