Caught on Camera 11th December

Caught on Camera 11th December

Have you made any ‘shocking’ discoveries? Take a photo and send it in to @proelectrician or – you might just make a future gallery! Click on the images for a closer look!

This #caughtoncamera shocker sent in by Adam Scholes via Facebook: “Least they put the earth in a junction box”.

This finding was sent to us on Facebook by someone wishing to remain anonymous: “I never use that socket” the tennant says mid EICR

This horrific find was discovered by Suzanna May Blakeley-Monk: “One lucky family. Called to property to tripping rcd. They said they could smell burning plastic and the cu was hot. This is what we found the cu was a plastic one and was in a cupboard under the stairs. The cable joint had failed.”

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