Product Test: Scolmore’s 20A Fast Fit Flow Connectors

Product Test: Scolmore’s 20A Fast Fit Flow Connectors

Steve Hewish, Approved Electrician at Turrell Ltd (Electrical Contractors), is in the fast lane this month as he reviews Scolmore’s 20A Fast Fit Flow Connectors.

When we electricians hear of any new solution that can save time during our working days, our ears generally tend to prick up.

This was certainly the case when I learned that Scolmore had launched a new range of 20A 3 & 4 Pole Fast Fit Flow Connectors to help installers safely connect/disconnect luminaires or applications in areas that require quick installation and regular maintenance. As such, I was naturally keen to have a go.

Designed to be compatible with all current Scolmore Click Flow products (connectors, splitters, distribution boxes and ceiling rose), the Fast Fit Flow Connectors are very simple to operate, utilising a tool-free ‘push fit’ mechanism which requires no screws or fiddling for the installer. Clearly this has a significant impact on installation/maintenance times, with users able to save as much as half the time that they would spend working with screw terminal versions.

Having previously used Scolmore’s Essentials Flow range (CT101C), I was pleased to see that the size of these new connectors has increased so there is now room for four multi-core cables, which is particularly useful. Another feature that I particularly like about these connectors is that, because they have a loop terminal, they can be used as a joint box.

If I was to make one suggestion for an improvement to the product, it would be that the quarter turn fixings don’t feel as secure as I’d like, so perhaps there could be a different solution incorporated in future versions to overcome this issue.

That said, I’m a big fan of these connectors and they’re very much a representation of the type of modern product development that companies like Scolmore are undertaking to make the lives of electricians that little bit easier. I’m confident that anyone using these connectors will see an immediate increase in productivity during their day-to-day work which, as we all know, is so vital to electrical professionals. Next time you’re in the market for this type of product, you’d be wise to go with the Flow!

To view a promotional video offering more details about Scolmore’s Fast Fit Flow Connectors:

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