Caught on Camera | 5th August

Caught on Camera | 5th August

Check out our latest round-up of Caught on Camera’s sent in by our social media followers! Click on the images to scroll through…

“Customer called me complaining that the water in their plug in hot tub was tingling on their skin! Found this potentially deadly wiring! All rectified and a new outdoor socket installed! Maybe one for caught on camera. “…”Switches live through a light switch on to the earth terminal of the outdoor socket and all run in 1mm 3 core”

– Eliott in Porthcawl, Facebook

“Nice heating system single insulated singles from isolater with 16.0mm t and e connected straight into top side of main switch on the installation … with no rcd protection or overload”  Jim Kennedy – Facebook

“After being called out as the lights had tripped in the garage I found this home made death trap , also the cause of the problem. Needless to say I removed it from the property and disposed of it accordingly ” – John from Buxton – Facebook

Have you seen something shocking, funny or surprising while on the job? Take a pic and send it in via DM or to for the chance to be featured.

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