Vortice industrial fans ideal for hospital and pharmaceutical sector

Vortice industrial fans ideal for hospital and pharmaceutical sector

Ventilation specialist Vortice has long been supplying air handling units for the food, leisure and the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, but if Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is the vital importance of clean, fresh, filtered indoor air for our health and wellbeing.

The Vortice industrial division designs and manufactures customised products tailored to the customer’s specific requirements, including using stainless steel monobloc applications ideal for pharmaceutical and food manufacturing.

The CTAE H+ is an hygienic air handling unit designed to have no protrusions, sharp edges or corners where dust or dirt could accumulate. Internal corners have a radius to allow easy cleaning and disinfection. Moreover, the units can be configured with a monobloc structure or divided into sections for easy handling and positioning on site in a horizontal or vertical configuration.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused all manufacturers to think carefully about many things they may have previously taken for granted, hygienic air handling is just one of them.

Contact the team at Vortice at sales@vortice.ltd.uk to talk through and provide advice about any industrial air handling projectsAlternatively, view Vortice’s brochure detailing why ventilation is so important, here.

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