All LED’s Caterham GU10 lamp offers ‘the total package’

All LED’s Caterham GU10 lamp offers ‘the total package’

We hear more about the inspiration behind the launch of All LED’s Caterham GU10 lamp and why it represents a step-change for both product(s) and packaging.

When the team at All LED decided to start work on the new Caterham LED GU10 lamp, there were some key objectives that it was crucial to achieve: quality, consistency, innovation, dimming performance, look/feel, design and an entirely new approach to creating a green and eco-friendly product.

The lamp had to meet strict standards, of course, complying to the latest UK and European standards, as well as being produced on a fully automated production line to allow zero scope for human assembly error.

One of the biggest issues that has plagued the LED industry for years is dimming. The fact that we’re often forced to rely on expensive LED dimmers which create a lot of waste and extra labour, is an ominous sign that the industry really has failed to take the right approach to dimming.

Dimming was a major focus when producing the Caterham GU10, with All LED solving this potential issue through the creation of Opti-Dim, an advanced dimming protocol and method that is unique to the brand. In turn, this has helped to create a product that dims to zero on almost any dimmer.

Packaging pioneers

The innovation continues through an overhaul of the often-wasteful GU10 lamp packaging. All LED revolutionised the packaging structure by creating packs of ten, reducing the physical space taken up by the products by 33%, making it smaller than conventional packaging.

The significant advantage of this is that it eliminates labour intensive opening of packaging, removing the need for electricians to waste valuable time opening boxes. To open 50 Caterham lamps takes approximately ten seconds, whereas opening regular packaging can take as long as 15-20 minutes. That’s infinitely faster, offering as much as 20 minutes that can be spent on another revenue generating job.

The outer carton not only doubles up as the products’ shipping box with extra impact protection but also as a countertop display solution, all whilst remaining 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable.

The huge environmental savings of the Caterham lamp take place throughout its entire journey, negating the need for tonnes of ink and paper, the fuel to transport it, travelling to and from manufacture and across the globe to make packaging that is ultimately destined for landfill or energy hungry recycling centres. Furthermore, this significant leap in design and innovation has taken place here in the UK by All LED’s skilled and innovative R&D team.

With each box containing ten lamps, users will no longer need to carry several boxes of lamps up a ladder, discarding messy empty cardboard boxes everywhere while the installation takes place. Instead they can now carry ten at a time, all securely encased and easy to remove and install with minimal waste.

Simply put, there’s almost zero clean-up and no more skips filled with cardboard!

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