KNIPEX presents the new products of the year!

KNIPEX presents the new products of the year!

KNIPEX have released the following statement in preparation for today’s KNIPEXupdate which will reveal its newest Spring products.

Anyone who would like a first look at the new products for spring 2023 is cordially invited to check out the current KNIPEXupdate. The world’s leading pliers manufacturer KNIPEX is presenting the 2023 product highlights again online this year.

The digital event is available from 5 April 2023 at 3pm UK time. The online presentation can be viewed worldwide in German, English and with subtitles for other language versions on the KNIPEX YouTube channel.

Wuppertal-based tool manufacturer KNIPEX is presenting its current new products in an international online presentation – the KNIPEXupdate 2023. It provides a way for all interested viewers to get a first impression of the functions and possible uses of the products.

The digital product presentation can be viewed from 5 April 2023, 3pm UK time on the KNIPEX YouTube channel.

To view the KNIPEXupdate 2023, click here

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