Business Expansion With JIB

Business Expansion With JIB

Thinking of expanding your business? Steve Brawley, JIB Chief Executive, identifies some of the ways that JIB membership can help you take the next step.

To help small businesses looking to grow and become more professional, the Joint Industry Board (JIB) has a support package that gets rid of the worries associated with employing staff.

You might already have an apprentice or another electrician on board. But how do you 
ramp up the personnel
 without it becoming a headache?

The thought of ‘HR issues’ often sends shivers down the spine. For many electricians, if you started life as an apprentice and grew the business on the tools, you’re at your best out on-site – having to deal with staff admin takes time.

HR tools at your disposal…

A template employment contract that you can use and tailor is just one of the items available – it’s updated in line with employment legislation to ensure you’re always meeting your obligations as an employer.

Unlimited, free support is also available from the JIB team to resolve any employment problems or questions. To help retain staff, offering them something that other companies cannot is essential. The JIB benefits scheme, operated via a monthly credit purchase, is not only available to electrical operatives but also owners, directors, partners and office staff. It includes Private Medical Cover that covers any pre-existing conditions, Death and Accident Benefits, comprehensive Health Assessments and significant payments during sickness absence on top of Statutory Sick Pay.

Opening the door to work…

As a JIB member, you’ll also have access to work from fellow members, who are obliged to employ JIB companies when sub-contracting electrical work.

Being able to show that you treat your staff fairly, and offer them industry-recognised terms and conditions, gives your business credibility, showing clients the importance you place on high standards and building a quality team.

The enhanced reputation and professional status is also a bonus when tendering for new work. “One of the benefits I get since joining is the reputation that comes with the JIB name,” says Woolwich-based electrician Marius Samoila. “Most of the big contractors are now asking for it, and elsewhere when I put in a price, they ask ‘are you JIB?’ – so being a member is good for our status.”

“The JIB has given us structure”

Chris Metcalfe of CMA Projects has also appreciated the recognition, but also the help the JIB has given him with employment issues. With his business partner, he’s grown his business over four years and now has a team of five carrying out a wide scope of work from small power and electrical installations, to 11kv jointing projects in the UK and abroad.

“The JIB has given us structure, a set pay rate for a set grade: this is what you get – simple as that. It’s there for all to see in the handbook, and it also helps when doing the payroll.”

Chris signed up after contacting the JIB and a regional advisor paid his company a visit, to outline the JIB support package in more detail.

“As we started to expand and recruit, the lads working for us all had different rates and expenses – it was scatty to be honest!” Chris explains. “The JIB has given us structure, a set pay rate for a set grade: this is what you get – simple as that. It’s there for all to see in the handbook, and it also helps when doing the payroll.

“The recognition of the JIB badge and logo is great. Anyone that knows the industry knows what the JIB is and what it stands for. For us, it’s something good for us to have and use with potential clients.”

More benefits

Up to £625 per training course is available to members through the JIB Skills Development Fund, to help pay for further training or career development. JIB-Employment-Sorted

As a JIB member you can also gain free membership of Constructing Better Health, which provides online tools and assistance to help you meet your occupational health obligations as an employer.

And should any disputes ever arise between employer and employee, the JIB’s mediation service has been successfully resolving workplace conflict for over 40 years. Under the JIB Disputes Procedure, they act as an independent body that fairly adjudicates on all kind of disciplinary, dismissal and grievance issues – some 98% of cases are settled with the JIB’s help without the stress of a formal hearing.

JIB membership is open to companies who have been trading for more than one year and employ an electrician (who can also be the business owner) and at least one adult operative or one apprentice.

To find out more, or to arrange an informal chat with your local JIB Regional Advisor, call 01322 661605. For more information visit:

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