Case Study: Loft conversion, implementing multi-point LED dimming | Zano Controls

Case Study: Loft conversion, implementing multi-point LED dimming | Zano Controls

Homeowners are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to the added benefits of lighting control and it’s not just the tech-savvy who are looking for more from the lighting schemes within their properties.

The job

When homeowners Jen and Andy decided to add a fourth, master bedroom to their end of terrace home in Brighton with a loft conversion that they’d always dreamed of, they knew they wanted a lighting solution that would enable them to dim from 3 points – at the entrance to their bedroom and on either side of the bed.

Not only were they sure that there must be a way to enable 3-point lighting control that was affordable and within their budget, but they were certain that a product must exist that was designed to be an off-the-shelf solution to multi-point dimming control.

The problem

When discussing the lighting design scheme with the builder who was managing their project, Jen and Andy were told that adding 3-point dimming control to their loft conversion, couldn’t be done. The builder advised that they could dim from the entrance to their bedroom but wouldn’t be able to control the lights from either side of the bed and would instead need to install switches, with simple on/off functionality.

Not taking no for an answer Jen and Andy took the matters into their own hands and pushed their builder to consult an electrician. Having looked for themselves Jen and Andy knew that the solution existed as they had come across Zano Controls online.

When pushed, the builder got his electrician involved who confirmed that there was a solution, and it was in fact with Zano Controls’ ZSMARTLED.

The solution

Zano’s ZSMARTLED is made up of one ‘master’ controller and up to two ‘slave’ controllers that can be connected to 3-core and earth wiring as you would install your standard dimmer or switch. For retrofit projects, there’s no messy rewiring involved either. All that needs to happen is disconnecting the existing switches with the ZSMARTLED fitted in its place.

Controlling up to 150W/VA LED on a single circuit, the ZSMARTLED’s dimming modules went in, connecting to 5 Aurora Enlite 8W downlights and dimming from all 3 points. One ‘master’ controller was fitted at the entrance to the room and two ‘slave’ controllers were fitted at either side of the bed.

The results

Providing flicker-free and silent dimming control from multiple control points, Jen and Andy were very happy customers, and even better they now had a builder that knows it was possible.

Project summary 

Name of project

Loft conversion on an end of terrace Victorian house in Brighton


Multi-point dimming control from 3 points – at the entrance to a master bedroom and on either side of the bed.

Total number of circuits


Dimming products installed



Lamps and fittings

x 5 Aurora Enlite 8W Fixed Dimmable Integrated Downlight Fire Rated IP65 White

Interested in using the ZSMARTLED on your next LED project? From finding the right dimmer for your install to testing your LED lamps, Zano Controls have you covered.

Case study credited to – Zano Controls

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