Crabtree | Flicking the Switch

Crabtree | Flicking the Switch

Jim Hutchison, National Sales Manager at Crabtree, looks at why we’re starting to see technology in a new light.

When most people think of innovation in lighting, their minds probably go straight to the luminaire. What ground-breaking design and technology elements ensure it can illuminate the space? How aesthetically pleasing and versatile does it look with its surroundings?

Little thought goes into the accessories for lighting designs (switches and controls) and, for many specifiers and installers, it’s often just easiest to ‘stick with what you know’. However, innovation doesn’t just happen at the light fixtures. It’s worth taking the time to check what accessories are out there as, over time, their features have progressed and now go above and beyond the minimum requirements.

Accessories in our Instinct range have been designed with the installer in mind, simplifying some of the common problems they might encounter when installing – particularly safety issues and time-consuming tasks.

Screw fixing for security
Many switch modules are clipped in, but some have a tendency to dislodge over time due to cable pressure or general wear and tear. This can create a real concern from a health and safety perspective and make the installation process frustrating.

Grid mounted switches that are clip fixed and secure screw fitted, like that of the Instinct range, are not only easier and safer to install, but also more reliable in the long term as they provide a secure fitting that won’t allow them to move from their mounting in service.

LED dimmers
Installation of LED dimmers is never an easy job. The biggest issue installers find with LED dimmers is the lack of compatibility with the various lamp types and loads, meaning that the dimming feature of the lamps may not be as effective as desired, or not work at all.

The intelligent LED dimmers of the Instinct range can gauge the load of the lamp and then learn each individual demand, making the selection and installation process a lot easier while also improving the compatibility for the user.

Key card solutions
Key card light switches, commonly found in hotels and commercial buildings, are unique in having a low current rating, but this means they can’t be connected directly to a load circuit, which creates a host of installation and wiring challenges for installers.


Our Instinct range’s key card switch is 20AX rated. This high rating allows it to be directly connected to the load (lighting or power circuits) without the need for a separate control circuit or a special and costly silent contactor.

Quicker installation
Having to spend a long time on a job that should be quick and simple is frustrating for anyone. This is particularly the case for installers working with accessories that seem to have been designed to make the job harder than it has to be!

Accessories that have an upward-facing inline terminal make the job much easier. With no need to rotate or twist the accessory, not only is this a safer and more liable connection method, but also a faster and simplified installation job.

When it comes to innovation, it’s clear that the accessories associated with lighting shouldn’t be left behind. Not only are safety and aesthetics increasing a priority to exceed industry requirements, but simplicity and the installation process are now key factors for innovative new designs.

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