Product Test: Snickers Summer Workwear

Product Test: Snickers Summer Workwear

Dean Barnes of Simple Ideas keeps his cool as he reviews the latest selection of summer workwear from Snickers.

With the summer well and truly upon us, I was only too happy to review some of the latest items from the Snickers workwear range – all designed specifically for the hotter months. My collection of garments consisted of the LiteWork trousers with Lite kneepads, AllroundWork polo shirt, the latest Snickers tool vest, Solid Gear safety trainers and the LiteWork socks.

I’ll admit to being a tiny bit sceptical ahead of the package arriving, with my main question being: “do we really need summer-specific workwear in the UK and can these new designs really make a difference?” My questions were answered pretty emphatically.

Fresh legs all day
The first item I’ll talk about is the new LiteWork trousers with holster pockets. Pulling them on for the first time they felt comfortable and well thought-out, with the assurance of the trusty Snickers brand quality.

I wear Snickers trousers throughout the year and one thing I’ve found is that the legs can become sticky in the summer. This is something that I’ve always just put up with and accepted as an occupational hazard of wearing hard wearing, long lasting trousers.

I’m pleased to say that these new LiteWork trousers made a world of difference to the temperature of my legs. The material feels lighter and it draws the sweat away from the legs, making for a more comfortable experience whilst working in the heat of the day.


The trousers are coupled together with the new Snickers Lite kneepads. Now I’m not the smallest of people and previous knee pads have all had the stuffing knocked out of them pretty quickly when my sturdy frame presses down on them, but these new knee pads feel very different to the old sponge types.

They’re dense and firm but when weight is applied to them they slowly form to the knee. They also complement the LiteWork trousers by stopping your knees from getting sweaty; the D30 material doesn’t hold onto the heat from your legs, so no itchy knees to deal with!

Safety slippers
Next up is the Solid Gear Helium trainers and I should explain my position when it comes to footwear. I wear boots, and always have done. I wouldn’t contemplate working on any jobs without safety boots these days, as too many times I’ve found nails embedded in the sole or have dropped something on the steel toe.

I’ve also experienced the look of terror on clients’ faces when they see me entering with my size 12 boots starting to show the glimpse of steel toe cap through the nubuck.

I was, therefore, intrigued by the new safety trainers. The first thing I noticed is that the trainers are light and, when on the foot, you almost forget that you’re wearing a safety shoe. They also feature a Gore-Tex material down the side that allows air to flow over the feet and keeps your toes feeling pleasant and sweat-free. The toe is a reassuring light aluminium cap that is well protected with a rubber cover.

Any electrician knows that when going up and down a few times second fixing sockets, the toe of ordinary boots start to rub and peel away. These trainers, in my opinion, will not do that. I had a nice set of LiteWork socks on that kept my feet cool and protective pads for the knobbly sides of the ankle, so all safe and comfortable.


To top it all off
My new makeover was completed by the new AllroundWork polo shirt which, with its waffle structured fabric, allowed my skin to breathe and took any moisture away from the body, keeping me cool all day and looking as fresh at 5pm as I did at 8am. The shirt wears extremely well and I was impressed with how smart it remained; even when it became dusty a quick brush down got the shirt back in good order.

The Snickers tool vest was the cherry on the cake, boasting a multitude of pockets on the chest that allow you to carry your phone, ID or wallet, while the bottom of the vest is hemmed with holster pockets. One great thing is that there should be no more incidents of trousers being dragged down by half your tool box weighing down the pockets – you can simply unzip the jacket when you stop for lunch and pop it back on straight after.

The tool vest feels light and comfortable on the shoulders and the construction is sturdy and won’t let you down. It’s also great if you’re not a fan of holster trousers – a far better experience than the old fashion toolbelts.

In summarising the Snickers summer range, next time you’re in need of a new set of trousers or an upgrade to your footwear I urge you to step out of our comfort zone and go for it. I’m very much a convert and looking forward to keeping myself cool over the summer months.

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