Dymo | The Value of Clear Labelling

Dymo | The Value of Clear Labelling

Liesbet De Soomer, Dymo Marketing Manager, tells us why labelling is so important and the difference the right tool makes.

Cable labelling can vary in scope, but we all know it is an essential task regardless of the size of the job at hand. An effectively labelled system of wires saves time during maintenance, promotes safety and ensures compliance with regulations. Yet, without the right tool for the job, the effort can sometimes seem to outweigh the benefits.

Regular maintenance reduces the chance of electrical malfunctions occurring. Every tradesman knows the time and money it takes to correct problems in the system. However, when cables are unidentifiable it is extraordinarily frustrating, not to mention wasteful of your time. A specialist labelling tool allows you to upload data from an excel spreadsheet and print a number of labels in one go, so that the job of labelling is quick and painless.

Without an organised system, ‘cable spaghetti’ could also be served with another unappetising and expensive consequence. The hazardous features of tangled cables undermines the responsibility of electricians to ensure that health and safety requirements are being met. If there is a failure of compliance then this could result in injury, or in the worst case death. Today’s labelling machines come with ready-made templates and safety symbols, so you can be sure that where dangers exist, you have the ability to signpost them.


As well as serving as reminders, ready-made templates and frequently used labels help professional electricians stay ahead of industry regulations. In the case of Brexit, it is unknown whether health and safety regulations will be altered in UK businesses, and for an electrician who has multiple regulations to be aware of, this can certainly make life difficult. Current labelling machines are already looking towards the future, as they can be regularly updated so that the templates can be adapted to always meet regulations.

And it’s not just what must be labelled, but also how to label too. For example, section 514 “identification and notices” of the BSEN 7671 17th Edition, 3rd Amendment outlines the minimum text size required for some notice labels. Believe it or not, this regulation may not be being met by some current labelling solutions.

Finding the right solution
You wouldn’t use a Phillips screwdriver on a slotted screw, so why use the wrong labelling machine? By choosing the best tool for the job, you will be saving yourself time, effort, frustration and perhaps most importantly, money. Our Dymo XTL machine, for example, includes templates, ability to upload data for speedy printing and on-screen colour print previews to eliminate mistakes.

We know the reasons for labelling are important ones – ultimately to save money and save lives. With this in mind, the benefits will always outweigh the effort. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it easy on yourself.

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