Enlitened: Enlite is changing to Aurora Lighting Group

Enlitened: Enlite is changing to Aurora Lighting Group

After five years of outstanding success, Enlite Lighting, the LED lighting brand established by the Aurora Lighting Group, will be rebranded Aurora Lighting from September 2019.

Andrew Johnson, Founder & CEO of the Aurora Lighting Group, explains how 20 years of growth and success has led to this development.

The Aurora Lighting Group is an international LED lighting and technology organisation, renowned globally for its quality, reliability and service, servicing the residential, commercial, industrial, retail and hospitality sectors. Combined with award winning marketing and distribution, the Group serves customers through a global network in more than 70 countries.

Five years ago Enlite was launched by The Aurora Lighting Group in response to market changes. Big Performance, High Quality and Great Value is what Enlite stands for, and these qualities have led to sales far exceeding expectations, with the range quickly becoming the number one choice for contractors and specifiers alike.

From its leading fire rated downlights to the popular Ariah™Pro highbays, Enlite products are now installed in thousands of homes and businesses around the world. During this period, Aurora continued to push boundaries and innovate, becoming a globally recognised leader in smart connected lighting that provides exceptional Value Beyond Illumination™.

To continue on the back of both Enlite and Aurora’s success, and to assist our customers with the sale and promotion of these products in the UK and internationally, our extensive trade range and the AOne™ smart platform will be driven through one brand: Aurora Lighting.

Bringing all our lighting products together enables greater focus, meaning there’s one brand, one catalogue, one website, making our entire product portfolio easily accessible.

Therefore, from 1 September 2019, all our Enlite products will be rebranded under Aurora. The product and part numbers will remain the same, just the brand will change. In addition, look out for new exciting products to be launched in September.

For more information, contact 01727 83 66 11 or info@auroralighting.com

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