Fast trak to suspension success

Fast trak to suspension success

Used in the suspension of electrical and mechanical services, we take a step-by-step look at how to fit the Fast Trak from Gripple.

Fast Trak is the suspension solution from suspension system manufacturer, Gripple, specifically designed to save time and labour in commercial and residential building projects. Tests have proven it to be up to six times faster than traditional channel and rod methods and has a load capacity of up to 180kg with a 3:1 safety factor.

Using a trapeze bracket system, Fast Trak installations can be completed faster, smarter and without tools as adjustments can be made in situ with the bracket easily moving up and down its tracks during installation.

Safety lock-offs provide peace of mind, securing the system once it is place and there is zero waste with excess track bending neatly under the bracket.

The range is particularly suited to areas with restricted space of less than 800mm with the inclusion of side-loading and low-profile brackets.

It arrives on-site in pre-fabricated kits which are lightweight making them easier to deliver, handle and store and are quick and simple to install using measuring indicators at each end as a guide for contractors.

Fast Trak is also BIM-ready and fire tested.

How to install fast trak – eight simples steps:

Step 1: Marking positions for the installation of tracks

Using the indicators at each end of the bracket, mark the fix points in the soffit. For additional accuracy, laser line one of the fixing points and use the other side of the bracket to mark the spacing for the second fixing point.

Step 2: Drilling

If installing into concrete, drill holes where the fixing points have been marked. Insert drop-in anchors with a setting tool (if that’s your preferred fixing type), or wait until step 3, if using concrete screws.

Alternatively, for a faster installation method, Fast Trak can be shot fired into the soffit using gas and powder fastening tools.

Step 3: Fixing tracks to the soffit

When installing the tracks, the fixing tabs should be outward facing. Secure the tracks to the soffit through the 10mm hole on the fixing tabs, using concrete screws or anchor bolts and an impact wrench or electric screwdriver to secure the fixing.  Ensure the two tracks are parallel to the run of electrical containment.

Step 4: Installing the bracket

Ensuring the safety locks are in the unlocked position, push the latches on each side of the bracket. Insert the tracks into the bracket, ensuring the slots on the bracket are facing the soffit and the bracket is perpendicular to the tracks.

Slide the bracket to the required height on the tracks. Releasing the latches will ensure the bracket engages and locks into the tracks. Place light pressure on the top of the bracket to ensure it is correctly locked into the tracks.

Step 5: Making adjustments

If adjustments need to be made, simply push the latches at each side of the bracket and slide the bracket either up or down the track to the desired height. If installing multi-tiered services, repeat step 4 and position additional brackets on the tracks as required.

Step 6: Locking the bracket in place

For additional security, once the bracket is in the desired position, use the safety buttons at each side of the bracket and engage into the lock position, following the direction symbols on the button.

Step 7: Bending tracks into place

Once the required bracket level has been set on the track, fold the excess track under the bracket with your hand and then press the push tab inwards to prevent any excess track sagging below the inside of the bracket.

If using the Fast Trak Bracket Cover, bend the excess track as above but do not press the push tabs inwards. Instead, cut the bracket cover to the required length and simply click onto the underside of the bracket to cover visibility of tracks and enhance aesthetics when looking up at services from floor level.




Step 8: Adding services to Fast Trak

Cable basket

Insert cable basket clip into slots on the Fast Trak bracket and turn clockwise until it won’t turn any further. Ensure the next clip is in line with the wire basket so that it can be attached. Present cable basket and push down into the bracket until it clicks into position.

Cable tray

Place cable tray in the desired position on top of the bracket. Ensure the vertical slot of the tray is in line with the horizontal slots in the bracket; insert the CT Clip arms through the tray’s vertical slot and use the CT Clip pin to secure tray to the bracket in a push-fit motion.








View a promotional video, offering more details about the Fast Trak range from Gripple here:




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