Graham’s Gains

Graham’s Gains

In this case study we catch up with Graham Simmons from Lux Electrical Solutions in Kent to find out how becoming a mySchneider Electrician has boosted his business.

Graham first became an electrician in 1991 after completing his apprenticeship. After some time out of the industry working in music, he decided to return to his electrical roots and updated his qualifications in 2004.

He then founded Lux Electrical Solutions, based in Bromley, Kent, and has taken the business from a one-man-band to a thriving company, working mostly for high-end luxury retail clients and fashion brands such as Harrods, Selfridges, Chloé and Balenciaga.

What first attracted you to the trade?

My father was a builder and he used to view electricians as ‘king of the site’. He advised me to get into a trade, as it can often guarantee a job for life – so I decided to train as an electrician.

How many employees do you have?

We currently have six employees – there’s myself, my wife (who manages the business from our office at home), two electricians and two apprentices. We also have a pool of eight trusted sub-contractors who assist with jobs where needed. Having the right people is paramount.

Where does your business come from?

Word-of-mouth!I haven’t done any advertising at all for four years, instead we work hard to build our reputation and strive to be specialists in what we do – recommendations generally come from that.

What’s the favourite part of your job?

It has to be really making a difference – problem solving and getting around difficult scenarios and situations. Designing new lighting installs which help to increase a client’s profit, for example, is very rewarding. I’m also a ‘people person’ and being an electrician helps me to indulge that.

What’s the most difficult part of your job?

Customers will always be more vocal in their complaints than their praise, so we have to anticipate future concerns. You have to fight to prove your worth and quality. Working with luxury clients such as Harrods means there’s no room for error, so apprentices especially have to be consistently diligent. Pricing is also a challenge, as we find that customers are often attracted to the lowest price, regardless of quality. We work hard on our perceived value in order to be in line with my ambition for Lux Electrical Solutions to continue in the high-end space.

Why did you become a mySchneider Electrician Partner?

I originally joined the Ultimate Installer scheme when it first launched back in 2012. I liked the offering, especially the free ‘welcome pack’, and the chance to be affiliated with Schneider Electric. I’m proud to wear my Schneider polo shirt and be associated with the brand, particularly on a project which involves multiple contractors working with Schneider products, as it makes us stand out.

What do you like about Schneider products?

The quality! For example, I always look for Schneider three phase boards on a project and I also like the small touches Schneider adds to its products, such as the charging shelf accessory in the Lisse and Lisse Screwless Deco wiring device ranges, and the customisable front cover for Easy9+ consumer units.

Have you attended any Partner events?

I attended a focus group on Easy9+ when Schneider was redesigning its consumer unit offering. I’ve also recently been involved in the development of the new Lisse Screwless Deco range, again giving feedback to help it become more future-ready.

For more information about how you can become one of Schneider’s registered Electrician Partners visit:

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